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Written by Anon   
Monday, 04 October 2004 08:30

As the cross country season is upon us again,I am reminded of another ploy which is high in the echelons of the coarse athlete's success-list.I am,of course,referring,in particular to the veteran/master runners who deliberately take advantage of the second claim rules,as applied,quite innocently by counties in the hope of improving the size of their championship fields.

The idea is to join as many county-affiliated clubs as you can second-claim,turn up on the day,find out which club has the best chance of winning medals and ensure you are declared for them.This may,of course,seem expensive but you will generally find that the coarse athlete is a past-master at avoiding paying both club subs and entry fees.

You may also consider that the meeting organiser will spot the duplicity but you know as well as I do that that official will be so overburdened with queries/questions/non-appearance of vital marshalls etc that he wont have time on the day to check such things.The coarse athlete will merely be a little more furtive/manipulative/devious and 'Bob's your Uncle' and off he/she trundles with his/her medal.

All this is,of course,very unsporting,'not cricket' and will appal the true corinthians amongst us,but,there you go,it is an Art form!!!!!!

Club 5 Miles Champs/InterClub & Surrey YA CC Relays Print
Written by DB   
Saturday, 02 October 2004 19:55

In clement weather conditions,the CC season got underway with the 5 Miles Champs and it was the holder,Jamie McCullagh,who retained the Open Bert Long Trophy,though headed by THH's David Symons;Simon Wurr(THH but BAL Div 4 HHH steeplechase adversary this last summer) was 3rd.As a prelude to K&P's return to Division Two of the Surrey League next week on Wimbledon Common(Hercules Wimbledon course),supervet Ant Budarkiewicz,Mike Maranzano & Andy Arbour were in close file behind and U20 Humphrey Waddington(winning the Alec Addis Trophy) showed he will be in contention for the scoring ten.Nicky Atkins also warmed up for K&P's first appearance in the Surrey Ladies League Division One also on Wimbledon Common next Saturday(but on Wimbledon Windmilers course).In the enforced absence of multi-winner,Bob McDonough,injured,the George Harrup Veterans Handicap Trophy passed to Ant Budarkiewicz.Full results follow. And the County Relays will appear as and when.

In contrastingly inclement conditions at Guildford on Sunday for the County YA CC Relays,the lone K&P team,the Under 13 Boys,consisting of Edmund Croall(7.47),Ben King(9.07) & Jan-Dominik Vogel(7.08) ran gallantly to finish 15th but were some way down the field of some 20-odd teams.Tim Sagar,anchoring Tiffins School Under 15 A team,clocked 6m.45.Results can be viewed on the Surrey County website -


Club Open 5 Miles Championships and Inter-Club

Richmond Park(Sheen Gate) October 2nd 2004

Individual-1 David Symons(THH)26.52,2 Jamie McCullagh(K&P)27.38,3 Simon Wurr(THH)28.00,4 Ant Budarkiewicz(M45)(K&P)28.43,5 Mike Maranzano(K&P)29.04,6 Andy Arbour(K&P)29.33,7 Humphrey Waddington(U20)(K&P)31.28,8 Bill Snelgrove(M45)(THH)31.42,9 Dan Pescod(THH)31.45,10 Alan Gibbons(M50)(THH)32.43,11 Andrew French(BoE)32.48,12 Keith Spacie(M65)(THH)32.52,13 John Ratcliff(M50)(K&P)33.30,14 Paul Oates(M55)(BoE)33.44,15 Alistair Irvine(THH)33.47,16 Alan Gould(M55)(BoE)34.02,17 Kate Symons(W)(THH)34.04,18 Gwyn Jones(M50)(BoE)34.24,19 Clive Lloyd(M50)(West Indies - no,sorry,BoE)34.50,20 Graham Huntley(M50)(K&P)34.58,21 Clare Sylvester(W40)(THH)35.04,22 Chris Hutber(THH)35.19,23 Peter Blair-Fish(M55)(THH)35.19,24 Ian Jobson(M55)(BoE)37.22,25 Nicky Atkins(W40)(K&P)38.48,26 Simon Leathes(M55)(THH)39.00,27 Peter Borland(M50)(BoE)39.14,28 David Barrington(M60)(K&P)39.24,29 Dina Kalonji(U17M)(K&P)40.12,30 Andrew Simon(M55)(THH)40.15,31 Dave Gibbons(M50)(K&P)40.25,32 Pat Mulligan(M45)(BoE)40.33,33 Dave Stone(M55)(BoE)41.06,34 Frank Carpenter(M65)(THH)42.03,35 Geoff Reed(M55)(K&P)43.50,36 Mike May(M40)(K&P)44.08,37 James Greenfield(U20(K&P)45.00.

Team(9 to score)-Thames Hare & Hounds 96,Kingston & Polytechnic 110,Bank of England 194.

Team(14 to score)-Thames 231,K&P 278.

K&P Champs-Bert Long Open 5 Miles 1 Jamie McCullagh(holder),2 Ant Budarkiewicz,3 Mike Maranzano----Alec Addis U20 5 Miles 1 Humphrey Waddington,2 James Greenfield(holder)----George Harrup Veterans 5 Miles Handicap 1Ant Budarkiewicz 27.03,2 John Ratcliff 30.10,3 Graham Huntley 30.58,4 David Barrington 31.44,5 Dave Gibbons 37.05,6 Nicky Atkins 37.08,7 Geoff Reed 37.30,8 Mike May 43.08. First K&P Lady-Nicky Atkins.

2004 Club T&F Champions Print
Written by DB   
Tuesday, 28 September 2004 19:28


For those members who were not able to collect their medals at the Presentations in September,a full list of medalists - gold,silver & bronze - is posted on the Club Noticeboard at Kingsmeadow. Those wishing to receive medals due to them should contact David Barrington.

Key:OM=Open Men/VM=Veteran Men/U20M=Under20 Men/U17M=Under17 Men/

U15B=Under15 Boys/U13B=Under13 Boys/U11B=Under11 Boys/OW=Open Women/

VW=a fast car,no,sorryVeteran Women/U20W=Under20 Women/U17W=Under17 Women/

U15G=Under15 Girls/U13G=Under13 Girls/U11G=Under11 Girls

100 OM Victor Nwagbara/VM Pat Logan/U20M James Davies/U17M Luke Wheeler/

U15B Josh Diffley/U13B Aurelien Zonzolo&Matthew Clements/OW Dominique Blaize/

VW Joan Trimble/U17W Dominique Blaize/U15G Mary Iheke/U13G(75m)Amy Ellis

200 OM Victor Nwagbara/VM Roger Bayliss/U20M James Davies/U17MLuke Wheeler/

U15B Josh Diffley/U13B Oliver Attrill/OW Sarah Harris/VW Nicki Murphy/

U20W Sasha Gordon/U17WSarah Harris/U15G Mary Iheke/U13G(150m) Lucy Jones

400 OM Jamie McCullagh/VM Roger Bayliss/U20MCraig Price/U17M Adam Rebello/

U15B Tom Stottor/OW Rachel Burbridge/VW Nicki Murphy/U20W Sasha Gordon/

U17W(300) Sarah Harris

800 OM Jamie McCullagh/VM Ant Budarkiewicz/U20M Craig Price/U17M Dina Kalonji/

U15B Tim Sagar/U13B Josh Ayres/OW Rachel Burbridge/VW Rachel Disley/

U17W Alice Brooker/U15G Mary Iheke/U13G Josie Inverdale

1500 OM Mike Maranzano/VM Ant Budarkiewicz/U20M Humphrey Waddington/

U17M Dina Kalonji/U15B Tom Stottor/U13B Josh Ayres/OW Rachel Disley/VW Rachel Disley/

U15G Harriet Owens/U13G(1200) Charlie Kelly

3000/5000 OM Paul Haywood/VM Ant Budarkiewicz/U20M Michael Huntley/U15B Tim Sagar/

OW Rachel Disley/VW Rachel Disley/

10000 OM Graham Huntley/VM Graham Huntley/OW Nicky Atkins/VW Nicky Atkins

Marathon OM Bob McDonough/VM Bob McDonough/OW Catherine Reed/VW Dawn Wotton

High Hurdles OM Mark Roberts/U20M Humphrey Waddington/U17M Matthew Field/

U15B Stuart Price/U13B Adam Wicks/OW Dominique Blaize/U20W Lana Whatley/

U17W Charlie Gale/U15G Harriet Lester/U13G Lucy Jones

Inter Hurdles OM Humphrey Waddington/U20M Humphrey Waddington/OW Rachel Burbridge/

U20W Lana Whatley

Steeplechase OM Mike Maranzano/VM Graham Huntley/OW Rachel Burbridge

High Jump OM Adam Page/VM Maurice Joyce/U20M Humphrey Waddington/U17M Matthew Field/

U15B Prathamesh Kaneri/U13B Richard Smeaton/OW Dominique Blaize/VW Nicki Murphy/

U17W Dominique Blaize/U15G Harriet Lester&Mary Iheke/U13G Lucy Jones

Pole Vault OM Mark Roberts/VM Maurice Joyce/U20M Humphrey Waddington/

OW Emma Wicks&Dani Ayres&Gunhild Vogel/VW Gunhild Vogel/U17W Emma Wick&Dani Ayres/

Long Jump OM James Heptonstall/VM John Ratcliff/U20M James Davies/U17M Luke Wheeler/

U15B Josh Diffley/U13B Richard Smeaton/OW Dominique Blaize/VW Nicki Murphy/

U20W Sasha Gordon/U17W Dominique Blaize/U15G Harriet Lester/U13G Lucy Jones

Triple Jump OM Adam Page/VM John Ratcliff/U20M James Davies/U17M Matthew Field/

U15B Prathamesh Kaneri/OW Sasha Gordon/VW Nicki Murphy/U20W Sasha Gordon/

U17W Dani Ayres

Shot OM Nic Owen/VM Horace Nelson/U20M Kyle Stevens/U17M Joe Bibby/

U15B Prathamesh Kaneri/U13B William Trimble/OW Dominique Blaize/VW Camilla Thrush/

U17W Dominique Blaize/U15G Lily Whatley/U13G Rebecca Jenkins

Discus OM Nic Owen/VM Roger Bartlett/U20M Humphrey Waddington/U17M Joe Bibby/

U15B Prathamesh Kaneri/U13B William Trimble/OW Camilla Thrush/VW Camilla Thrush

U17W Jenny Davies/U15G Amy Simmons

Hammer OM Gareth Cook/VM Maurice Joyce/U20M Rob Smith/U17M Andrew Chan/

OW Camilla Thrush/VW Camilla Thrush/

Javelin OM Felix Hatton/VM Les Hatton/U20M Humphrey Waddington/U17M Joe Bibby/

U15B Jamie Solomon/U13B William Trimble/OW Camilla Thrush/VW Camilla Thrush

U20W Sasha Gordon/U17W Emma Wicks/U15G Joelle Horner

Pentathlon OM Humphrey Waddington/U15B Josh Diffley/U13B Ben King/U11B Tim Atkins/

U17W Jenny Davies/U15G Harriet Lester

'Lost' Great Britain Internationals Print
Written by DB   
Friday, 01 October 2004 10:23


Given the success in discovering details of the later lives of both Surrey AC 1920s international sprinter,*William A Hill,and Polytechnic Harriers' London-born Norwegian triple jumper,*Hans Odde,here are some Polytechnic Harriers & Surrey AC athletes who represented Great Britain from 1896 to 1939 for whom,in particular,full dates and places of birth and death are missing.

The discoveries concerning William Hill & Hans Odde came via their grand-daughters ?googling? !! So,there?s always hope! The additional information is available from David Barrington via contact on this website.

The list below is extracted from Ian Buchanan's splendid 'Who's Who of UK & GB International Athletes 1896-1939'

Alfred G Baldwin Surrey AC (also ArmyAA) b ?? d ??

James Jeffery Barker Polytechnic H (also Ilford AC) b 6.11.1892 Ilkeston,d 18.10.1947 Birmingham

John James Barrett Polytechnic H b 1878 Listowell,Co Kerry d??

James George Beale Polytechnic H b 7.2.1881 Waltham Cross d ??

John Cecil Benham Surrey AC b 26.6.1900 d ??

Denis Victor Black MC Surrey AC(also St Pauls Sch& Army AA) b 20.10.1897 Aylsham d ??

John Butler Polytechnic H b about 1871 d 3.10.1959 ??

Denis Carey Polytechnic H b 6.8.1872 Limerick d ??

Timothy J Carroll Polytechnic H (also Clonliffe H/London AC) b 8.7.1888 Cork d ??

George A G Clark Polytechnic H b ?? d ??

Michael Collins Polytechnic H (also Gaelic AC) b 8.9.79 Currans,Co Kerry d 21.2.59 Currans,Co Kerry

George Charles Constable Surrey AC (also Essex Beagles) b 1905 ?? d 14.4.1932 Charing Cross

William Manderville Cotterell Surrey Ac (also Army AA) b 1902 Crowthorne ? d ??

Laurence Michael ?Larry? Cummins Surrey AC b 1889 Kinsale? d ??

Charles C Davies Polytechnic H b ?? d ??

Frederick A Foley Surrey (also Army AA) b ?? d ??

Cyril William Gill Polytechnic H b 21.4.1902 where? d 1.9.1989 Jersey

Leslie John Goody Polytechnic H b 3.2.1901 Bethnal Green d ??

Arthur John Gray Polytechnic H b 12.4.1907 Thorpe,Essex d ??

W James Hatton Surrey AC b ?? d ??

John Crocker Heap Surrey AC (also Latymer Upper Sch) b 9.11.1907 St Pancras d ??
HG Higgins Surrey AC (also Ilford AC) b ?? d ??

Harold H Hodge Surrey AC b ?? d ??

Charles Guy Holdaway Polytechnic H b 28.2.1886 Belgravia d ??

JR Langridge Surrey AC b ?? d ??

Ernest Edward Leatherland Polytechnic H (also Sutton in Ashfield H) b 23.6.1894 Basford d ??

Jack Thomas Probert Polytechnic H b ...1889 Shrewsbury d ....1982

Richard Nicholson Ripley Polytechnic H b 23.6.1901,Middlesbrough d ??

George Thomas Saunders Polytechnic H b 29.11.1907 Winchester d exact date?? Nov 1996 Reading

Stanley Charles Scarsbrook Surrey AC b ?? d ??

William John ? Billy ? Simmons Polytechnic H b 15.2.1903 but where d 21.4.1976 Hampstead Norrys

Hubert Victor ?Harry? Stubbs Polytechnic H b 17.8.1916 Abergavenny d ??

G Percy Sweet Surrey AC b ?? d ??

Arnold Leonard Treble Polytechnic H b 8.10.1889 but where? d 1966 exact date/where?

WA Hill and the Power of the 'Net Print
Written by DB   
Tuesday, 28 September 2004 12:04
If you log into the earlier article (q.v.) recounting the achievements of Surrey AC & Polytechnic Harriers members in the 1920s,you will find that,despite the considerable efforts of the athletics historians,no trace of the later years of sprinter William Hill had been discovered. However,the random decision to reproduce the original text(by permission of the authorship) showed what can happen. Jane Wentworth was surfing the 'net looking for any information about her sprinter grandfather,googled 'WAHill AAA 1920' and was directed to this site.So,the NUTS newshounds are on the trail(if Tony Blair's mob don't ban them,of course!). Watch this space!

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