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Friday, 17 September 2004 07:57

The veiled threats,the 'spin' worthy of Alistair Campbell and the orwellian,totalitarian nature of UKA's Competition Structure plans and questionnaire failed to impress the K&P General Committee on Monday night.For the most part but by no means completely,the plans were rejected.

If you are a visitor to our website from another club/organisation in athletics,you are urged to find out whether your committee has seriously addressed these matters -  before it is too late.The non-completion and return of the questionnaire will be undoubtably assumed by UKA to be agreement with the proposals - you have been warned!

Southern Womens League Final Round Kingsmeadow September 11th Print
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Sunday, 12 September 2004 08:28

Along with co-hosts,Epsom & Ewell,Michele Wicks' squad completed their 2004 season with a resounding victory but finished in 9th place overall,some 50 points short of promotion to Division One.

Once Rachel Burbridge & Charlie Gale had grabbed maximum points in the opening track event,the 400 hurdles,K&P were always in the box seat,and were comfortable winners from local rivals,Walton. Almost customary multiple wins for Dominique Blaize(100H/HJ/LJ),Sasha Gordon(LJ & TJ),Camilla Thrush(DT/JT/HT) and,most pleasingly recently,Jenny Davies(SP/DT) ensured a regular flow of points from the senior section;the senior middle-distance squad again loyally spread themselves around,not least mesdames Nicky Atkins, Rachel Burbridge & Liz Richardson; Sarah Harris & Dani Ayres mirrored that in the U17 hurdles events and the 4 x 100 also had an easy win.In the U15 group,Roseanne Mackay & Harriet Lester were 5-pointers and,again,the sprint relay emulated their older colleagues. Final scores were:K&P 211/Walton 188/Swindon 146/Luton 129/Barnet 109 and the final league table saw us comfortably in upper mid-table with 1076 points.

Rosenheim League Final Tooting 8 September Print
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Friday, 10 September 2004 10:21
There was a surprise package at the Final - and it was Herne Hill(the favourites) & K&P(the holders) who caught it!! A resurgent Hercules Wimbledon,quite unexpectedly,fielded a stronger team than even their team manager expected and they finished strongly to win by a clear 8 points. We performed well enough with wins for Nic Owen(SP 14.49),Victor Nwagbara(100 11.2) & Sean Kelly(400 51.1) and there were splendid personal bests for both our U20 competitors - Humphrey Waddington & Michael Huntley. The former took three excellent 2nds(pbs in the HJ at 1.70 and TJ 12.85 and a near pb in the 400H - 60.7) whilst Michael reached his season's target by taking several seconds off his previous 800 to clock 2.09.8. With both these two,plus fellow U20 Craig Price,now eligible for the Surrey CC League Senior race,our return to Division 2 in the winter will be well bolstered.Final scores; HW 83,K&P 76,HHH 70,R&T 56,Serpentine 52,Croydon 50 & BA 11.
Rosenheim & Club Records Round-Ups 2004 Print
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Friday, 10 September 2004 10:50


The men?s & women?s Rosenheim League campaigns again offered a wide variety of fare for the club?s members from the Under 17 groups upwards and over 40 athletes took good advantage of the friendly competition,the varied venues & all sorts of weather - and that?s precisely for what this league is designed.

The women?s team(using 16 members altogether),under the guidance and enthusiasm of Sasha Gordon,again proved too numerous and too good for the opposition and,despite missing out on a 100% record of match wins,still retained their Trophy with aplomb. Above all,everyone seemed to enjoy themselves,and even the mix of standards still witnessed some pbs! Leading exponents were Dominique Blaize(45pts),Rachel Burbridge & Camilla Thrush(42 each),Liz Richardson(38) and Sasha herself,by example,(33); with the latter two attending every match. For next year,there is a proposal to bring back a womens competition in the Eastern Division which will,possibly,mean there will be a Women?s Final in conjunction with the Mens.

The men?s team,who enjoyed a mixed regular season,finishing 2nd overall behind Richmond & Twickenham,?employed ? 28 fellows,and the whole raison d?etre of the league was epitomised by Humphrey Waddington who did twice as many events as anyone else,scored almost twice as many points as anyone else(77) AND produced a number of pbs,at a wide range of events, just when it mattered,not least in the Final where his three 2nd places including a 1m70 HJ & a 12.85 TJ nearly enabled the team to retain the Rosenheim Finals Trophy. Victor Nwagbara,Ant Budarkiewicz,Draco Mkpa & 2nd-claimers,Steve Cotton & Steve Huckstep were on hand at most of the 7 fixtures to enhance the scoresheet.

In the Final at Tooting,which was postponed once following an incident,there was a three-way battle between Herne Hill(the favourites),K&P(the holders) and Hercules Wimbledon(the outsiders), and ,surprisingly,it was the resurgent HW who came charging through with two late wins to annex the Trophy for the first time since 1993.




There was a whole new complexion to this summer?s Club Record Breakers! - Last year,records were broken or set in almost every group,male & female,but in 2004,the 45 or so new marks were substantially dominated by our Women Veterans - and don?t try calling them the equivalent of Masters,the title seemingly adopted by the men in the UK!

Leading the way,not unexpectedly as she entered the W35 group,was Camilla Thrush who frequently obliterated the previous,and her own,marks - in fact,she set 19 marks in the 4 throws(including a further advance of her own OPEN Hammer listing) and,just to show her versatility,shared in the sprint relay success.Other ?hits? came from Rachel Disley( 1500/3000 4.57.5/10.34.6),Gunhild Vogel(PV 2.10),Nicki Murphy(HJ= 1.30,LJ 4.59 & an inaugural 400Hdls 78.5) & Nicky Atkins(inaugural 10000 46.44.5).Both relays ?went? and as well as the above there were the necessary contributions therein for Joan Trimble,Dina Francis & Jane Searle.

Otherwise,the superlative standards set in recent years meant this year?s,and future,record breakers,had/will have to be of high quality. This was the case,particularly, with Dominique Blaize, stretching out to 6.03 in the U17 LJ, with Matthew Field, clocking 14.51 in the U17M 100H, with Stuart Price, lowering the U15B mark to 11.33 and with Sarah Harris, taking the U17W 300 down to 40.71 - all these marks will make the UK Top Fifty in the respective age groups,with Dominique?s LJ close to the top dozen or so in the Senior UK lists.

The other marks to go were the U17W 4 x 100(Sasha Gordon,Sarah,Dominique & Claire Stonestreet - 50.3),the U17W PV with both Emma Wicks & Dani Ayres over 2.10 and Rachel Burbridge?s 8.01.0,which set an inaugural Open 2000 steeplechase standard .

Lily B League Finals Kingston September 4th Print
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Monday, 06 September 2004 20:58
This year's Finals were held in gloriously warm conditions at Kingsmeadow and the K&P squad collected the expected Plate Trophy.Having won the overall Cup in 2003,early season turnouts were not great and we missed the Final qualifying by a few match points. Our U15 'stars' were again generally far too strong for the opposition and the U17 turnout was low,allowing our small contingent to mop up good points.Yet again and,sadly,for the last time,Dominique Blaize won maximum points - over the years,she has scored an enormous number of points but,just as important,has used the competition sensibly and has now developed into a class athlete in her own right. We wish her well as she,hopefully,moves on to greater things and builds on the international status she has achieved this summer. Sadly,also moving on is her mother,Clare,who has been Team manager for almost as long as Dominique has been in the team - she has overseen the winning of several trophies for which we are all extremely grateful - so who's going to follow in her footsteps,then???? Most promising mark of the day was probably Jenny Davies' further improvement in the Discus to 29m83 and it is hoped her recent county vest and steady progress will encourage her to use the winter months to enhance her skills ready for an even better 2005.Plate results;K&P 288.5,DMV 244,RSB 129,F&C 121.5,HW 89. The Cup was won by Bracknell.

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