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SCVAC Women’s Match Report Print
Written by Nicky Atkins   
Tuesday, 23 July 2019 15:15

Unfortunately our 3rd match, 10th June, at Walton Athletic Hub was cancelled due to very heavy rain.


The ladies 4th and final match was on 8th July at Croydon Sports Arena where a small team of K&P athletes competed to finish 3rd place to Epsom and Ewell Harriers and Wimbledon Hercules.


Every member of the team worked hard to bring in the points competing in several events:


Nicky Atkins: 100m, 2000m walk, 400m, 1 mile, 100m relay

Caroline Jeffcote: 100m, 1 mile

Susanne Dietrich: 100m, 400m, 100m relay, Discus, Triple Jump, Javelin

Liz Richardson: 2000m walk, 400m, 1 mile, 100m relay, High Jump

Nicki Murphy: 100m relay, Discus, Triple jump, Javelin


Sadly Nicki Murphy missed out on running the 400m and jumping in the high jump due to the over running of another field event.


Liz and Nicky walked in the 2000m walk and could have crossed the line hand in hand as we were both awarded the same time!


After the three matches I also believe that we finished 3rd overall but I haven’t received any information confirming this.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the athletes who ran, walked, threw and jumped and to all the officials and volunteers who made the SCVAC possible.










BAL Division 2, Match 2, Kingston 6th July 2019 Print
Written by Chris Hall   
Saturday, 20 July 2019 08:18

British Athletics League Division 2, Match 2

Kingston, 6thJuly 2019


The second match of Kingston and Poly’s British Athletics League season was a home one, at a sunny and warm Kingsmeadow, which has proven to be a lucky charm in recent years. Following the Chelmsford match in which we were pipped to 3rdat the last by the smallest of margins, the team were looking to come back with a bang, and where better than at the familiar surroundings of the Weir Archer Centre?

It appears to be customary now for the BAL to take place on the sunniest of days, and this was no exception. What is increasingly becoming an unwelcome one, however, is a horrible headwind on the home straight, which is something that our sprinters had to contend with today. Nevertheless, sunglasses, caps and shorts were in abundance on a wonderfully bright day.

Report – YDL LAG – Match 3 Bournemouth, Saturday 22nd of June Print
Written by Richard White   
Thursday, 27 June 2019 16:45

Meeting Report – Youth Development League

Lower Age Group – Match 3

Bournemouth, Saturday 22nd of June

Saturday the 22nd of June saw the third meeting of this season’s Youth Development League. A small band of travellers met at Kingsmeadow at 7:45 for our second long road trip to the Dorset Coast.

There was relief all round when the coach made it to the summit of some of the hills on the approach to Bournemouth. The track at King’s Park is in a wonderful parkland setting, adjacent to Bournemouth’s pretty and modern premiership football stadium.

With such a small team the stated aim for the day was on the athletes maximising their chances of setting personal bests in the events they train for. As it was the usual Kingston team spirit kicked in and every athlete took on the maximum number of events allowed. 

With everyone bar Frank being new to the stadium we had failed to spot that they had a second hammer and discus cage with its own pristinely manicured throws field. Thankfully one of the locals interrupted our hammer throwers enjoyment of the sunshine by the deserted hammer cage to point them in the right direction in time for their event. 

For those that had made the effort to attend the meeting the rewards were blue skies, a slight (but legal and recorded) tailwind for the sprinters and an organisation that were calling out and publishing results within minutes of events finishing. Quite often the full results were announced over the tannoy before our athletes even made it back from collecting their water bottles or trainers. This was a treat for the Surrey-based Walton and Kingston athletes who were wholly unaccustomed to this level of efficiency.

I am delighted to report that every single athlete set at least one personal best. Additionally Caitlyn Harvey ran a Level 3 U15G 800m in 2:26.3 and Roel Sodusta’s PBs in the 100m and 200m were both Level 4 performances. 

Thanks to Pat Logan, Frank Schubert, Susanne Dietrich and Ulrike Chang for helping the athletes and amassing points as officials. As ever the Field Officials team were supported by parents. 

The Squad

U15 Boys (7) - Albert Rowland, Eternal Nemiala, Finnian Chang, Jack Le Vesconte, Oliver Palmer, Roel Sodusta, Sam Atkins

U15 Girls (3) – Evie Priest, Caitlin Harvey, Nelly Priest

U13 Girls (4) – Bethan Norvill, Caitlyn Pemberton, Calla Lazou, Josephine Perrin

U13 Boys (0)

Personal Bests

Albert Rowland (High Jump – 1.35m, 

Eternal Nemiala (100m – 13.4s, 200m, Javelin)

Finnian Chang (Discus – 11.82m, Hammer)

Jack Le Vesconte (Long Jump – 4.55m, 80m Hurdles – 14.5s, 

Oliver Palmer (800m – 2:21.5, Shot)

Roel Sodusta (100m – 12.2s, 200m – 25.4s, Hammer)

Sam Atkins (800m – 2:23.9, Shot)

Caitlyn Harvey (100m – 13.7s)

Evie Priest (High Jump – 1.35m, Discus 15.10m)

Nelly Priest (100m – 13.7s, Shot 7.15m)

Bethan Norvill (150m – 21.9s, Javelin 10.94m)

Caitlin Pemberton (Javelin)

Calla Lazou (150m - 22.5s, 

Josephine Perrin (75m – 11.8s, 1200 – 4:29.2)

The Outcome

Despite the club kindly part-funding the coaches for both the long road trips we have struggled to get the younger athletes to the YDL meetings. With such a small squad it was of little surprise to find ourselves at the bottom of the table. 

The match position did little to dent the overall sense of satisfaction as the athletes boarded the coach for the pleasantly quick journey home.

On the plus side it looks like Winchester and Chichester will be moving up to our Division next season. This will mean that our furthest possible journeys would be to Aldershot or the Sussex coast. We might even end up with the 2020 meetings at Kingston, Walton, Camberley and Woking ☺

The final meeting will be at Eton’s Thames Valley Stadium on Saturday the 20th of July

Richard White

UAG YDL match 3 Kingston 30 June 2019 Print
Written by Beverly, Dorinda & James   
Friday, 19 July 2019 08:08

After coming in last place in our first 2 matches, we were hoping to bring some home advantage with our 3rd match at Kingsmeadow.  This time round we had a much better turnout with 36 K&P athletes.  Still with the larger team we struggled to fill some of the events, notably the longer distance runs and many of the U20M Jumps and throws.  That said we had a much improved day finishing in 3rd place. Notable events of the day were the AAA Grade 1 performance by Lucy Tunnacliffe in the Long Jump (5.63m) and the amazing 4x400m U17m relay team taking 9 seconds off the 30 year old club record with 3:35.1 (2019) – Thomas White, George Rees, Olly Wilson and Jack Dickson (Previous was 3:44.1 in 1989).  There were a few other PBs on the day, please look at the full results on the Power of 10 (link provided below). The final match is at Brighton’s Withdean on 28th July. It’s a great track protected from headwinds and can provide good conditions for PBs!! We want a big push to get another big team out, fill even more events in track and field, and go for a higher finish.  If you are available but need a lift, please let us know and we will sort something out.

Please take a look at the great photos from the day at the end of this report curtesy of Hannah Lester (to follow shortly).



Camberley & District AC + Woking AC



Brighton & Hove AC



Kingston AC & Polytechnic Harriers



Hillingdon AC



Harrow AC



South Bucks



There were many good performances with AAA graded performances:

Grade 4 for Aaron Marlow (Shot, & Javelin), Freddy Crosby (High Jump & Triple Jump), Luca Di Libero (Discus), Kira Holt (100m), Caitlin Paul (300m) and Madison Hutton (Long Jump & Javelin)

Grade 3 for Jack Dickson (400m), Louisa Stoney (200m), Kira Holt (200m), Lucy Atkins (200m) and Zoe Shepherd (High Jump)

Grade 2 For George Rees (400m), Jack Dickson (800m), Ben Sopta-Sheldrake (Long Jump), Aaron Marlow (Discus) and Kira Holt (80mH)

Grade 1 for Lucy Tunnacliffe (Long Jump)


Full results are on Power of 10 (see link below).



The team was:

U17 women: Madison Hutton, Caitlin Paul, Lucy Atkins, Kira Holt, Lara Quickfall, Emilia Chittenden, Camilla MacFarlane, Zoe Shepherd and Francesca Austin-Endersby. Total=9

U20 women: Rhianna Reynolds, Lucy Tunnacliffe, Hannah Lester, Amelia Bell, Isabella Shepherd-Evans, Louisa Stoney, Imogen Busa and Flora Anghileri-Jarman. Total=8

U17 men: Olly Wilson, Freddy Crosby, Aaron Marlow, Thomas White, Jack Dickson, Marius Ball, Akash Santosh-Kumar, George Rees, Oliver Sossick, Ben Sopta-Sheldrake, Luca Di Libero, Ellis Down and Patrick Gubbay. Total=13

U20 men: Jack Stracey, Eric Williams, Indy Barnes, Will Stapleton, Luke Newall and Humphrey Allen. Total=6


Special thanks go to our team of officials, we had a full set this time which gave us maximum “Officials” points.

Graded officials:

Field official = Frank Schubert

Timekeeper = Stewart Dickson

Track judge = Richard White

Track Ref = Cashel Riordan

Starter = Hugh Choudhury

Last but not least, Meeting Manager = Peter Shilling

and the field team of Mark Reynolds, Mary Dimbleby and John Lester

Results team of Paul Tunnacliffe and Sheila Brackpool

Officials lunches Julie Reynolds


Beverly, Dorinda & James

SOUTHERN ATHLETICS LEAGUE Division 2 West – St Albans Match 3, June 15th Print
Written by Alex and the team managers, Izzy, Nicole and Ho   
Thursday, 20 June 2019 13:59


We came into this match the weakest of all 16 teams within our division. University, exams and travel distances kept many of our athletes from being able to compete, so we struggled. We had a stronger team coming into this match, being able to fill almost all the events. But we were up against some strong opponents; mainly Newbury, currently 2nd in the league. Train delays put a momentary pause on the team momentum, as did Will Stapleton thinking 10am was an acceptable time to wake up. No matter, everyone arrived in due course and ready for the day of competing, or multi-eventing for some. 

NB Bare in mind there was no wind reading taken so please take these results with some discretion. 

Outstanding performances 

The scoring system helps to compare performances between events and highlight some of the outstanding performances of the match. The top 10 performances from the men and women reveal some great individual results. For the men, Gareth Cook’s hammer throw of 52.70m (a season’s best!) took 4th place and a PB run of 15.1s in the 110mH for Alex Parkinson took 8th place. 

The women, however, dominated their competition, taking 6 of the 10 spots. Mae “BUCS 400mH Gold Medallist” Thompson produced a 10th place score with her 400mH win, Louisa Stoney takes 5th and 6th with her 100m and 200m runs, and most remarkably Pippa Wingate takes 3rd and 4th with her shot and discus performances and 1st overall (men and women) with her hammer throw – huge congratulations!

Women’s team 

On both the track and field, there were many winning performances. Louisa Stoney took wins in the 100m and 200m (both PBs), Mae Thompson won the 400mH and 400m, Isabella Shepherd-Evans won her 800m and B string 400m (both PBs), Ellie Arnfield won her B string 200m and 400mH, and fellow SAL manager Jo Richardson won her B string 100mH. In the field, Rhianna Reynolds won in the LJ and TJ and Pippa Wingate in the HJ, Javelin, Shot, Discus and Hammer – all amazing performances! There was also a huge amount of altruism and team-spirit (some may say insanity) in both the women and the men, many people taking on events outside of their usual repertoire. Hannah Lester and Isabella competing across 4 events, Mae, Rhianna and Pippa in 5, and heptathlete-for-a-day Ellie Arnfield ran across 7 events. 

Hopefully this inspires some of you younger athletes to compete and help out these girls for a day in something you don’t usually do to help get the club some points – everyone can vouch how fun it is (Mae Thompson’s new favourite event is 3k!). 

Men’s team 

Results on the men’s side were equally as impressive. Abdou Njie took the 100m and B string 200m wins in a PB of 10.9s and SB of 22.6s, meanwhile Elijah Lyle-Vidal took the B string 100m win in a 11.0s SB and a strong 22.3s 200m run. Alex Parkinson and Chris Hall winning the 110mH and Will Stapleton winning his B string 400mH. Over on the field, U17 Freddy won B string TJ and came a close 2nd in the HJ by 3cm, Chris also winning the LJ, Mark Roberts picked up 1st place in the B string Javelin and PV, succeeding PV A string Bilen Ahmet who jumped equal 1st but placed 2nd on the tie-breaker, also taking the B string HJ and Shot win. Gareth Cook also had some impressive throws, winning the Shot and taking that top performance in the hammer to 3rd place – a tough field, for sure! The formidable trio Jon Darby, Alex Thomas and Eric Williams took on the 800/1500m amongst some fast competition, producing some suitably fast times– Jon produced a SB in both, Alex a SB in the 1500m, and Eric a PB in the 1500m. Special recognition to Will Stapleton who admirably filled many of the gaps in events but also wanted to a “proper” non-scoring 200m race, proceeding then to have the blocks slip out from under him, waiting a moment to contemplate, and then continuing to finish the race. Some honourable mentions to the non-scorers; PBs for both Marius Ball (11.6s) and Eric Hermanson (12.4s) in the 100m, PBs for Marius (23.8s) and Max Dickson (23.8s also) in the 200m, and Eric H PBing in the LJ (4.82m). 

By the end of this exhausting (and hugely successfully) day for Kingston, we arrive at the relays. Considering our dominant performances across the day, we were the favourites (as decreed by myself). However, numbers were dwindling, and energy levels were diminished. 

The women’s team managed to build a 4x100m from the few remaining ladies; Ellie, Mae, Hannah and Jo. They won convincing by 3 seconds to take the full amount of points. The 4x400m was less tempting to many, but Ellie, Mae and Isabella (who had finished the 2k steeple just prior) volunteered to run, but still needed one more. There was only one option left, the manager who was saving herself for a competition the next day – Nicole Kendall. In true team spirit, she donned the blue and black colours of K&P to complete the women’s 4x400m, who all agreed to use this as an opportunity for a victory lap (as if the remaining 3 hadn’t done enough laps of the track already). They jogged round with a smile on their face in well over 5 minutes to trickle over the points score. 

The men’s team were in a similar position; Abdou, Alex P, Marius and Elijah dominated the 4x100m, but few were persuaded by a 4x400m. No matter, Elijah stepped forward (completely against his own will) to join Max, Alex P, and Will to jog a 5:12.0 to collect those final points – yes, we were lapped by the other teams. 

Finally, a huge thank you to the officials who volunteered their day to help (Stewart Dickson, Ed Paxton, Dorinda Lester, Nicole Kendall, Humphrey Waddington, Catherine Arnfield, and the Reynolds entourage!). Myself and the other managers are incredibly proud of the team that led us to victory in this match, not only because of the win, but because it shows what we are capable of. Yes, we were bottom of the leaderboard, but if we are capable of beating the 2nd placed team then we are capable of doing very well in this division. If you want to take anything from this report, or if you didn’t read the whole thing (don’t blame you because blimey is it long – sorry), know that your attendance is the key to success in this division. So, no matter your age or ability, sign yourself up to compete or officiate! 

The next match is HOME, Saturday 13th July. Hope to see you there! 

All the best, 

Alex and the team managers, Izzy, Nicole and Ho 


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