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Monday, 18 February 2013 09:12

Results and report from the last of the winter's Club Championships by Matt Hyett.

Matt,our Mens CC Sec/TM/Meet Organiser is typically modest in his report about his winning the historic JC Brewer 9 Miles Trophy,his first since joining the Club 9 years ago,and taking over the secretarial mantle latterly from Bob McDonough. Having attacked with relish in all three of our Richmond Park Trophy races,and just missed the silverware in the 5 & 7,this time the tactic worked,with Matt pushing on with Thames' Andy Robinson(K&P on the track) and putting distance on holder,Mark Reed,who flew in from Germany to compete and on former holder,Andy Arbour,to relieve the former of the trophy(Ed).

Full Result



1. Frazer Alexander (Milo)- 49:05


2. Andy Robinson( M45)(THH)- 49:50

3. Matt Hyett (K&P)- 50:42 JC Brewer Trophy


4. Mark Reed (M35)(K&P)- 50:54

5. Andy Arbour (M40)(K&P)- 51:18

6. Rory Jordan (Milo)-52:51

7. Michael Huntley (K&P)- 53:26

8. Nick Harrison (Milo)- 54:03

9. Mike Maranzano (M35)(K&P)- 54:38

10. Craig Miles (Milo)- 55:02

11. Jon Cook(M50)(K&P)-55:51

12. Douglas Graham (Milo)- 56:32

13. Richard Clark (Milo)- 56:41

14. Stephen Warren-Smith (Milo)- 57:56

15. Chris Rossetto (Milo)-58:03

16. Rhodri Davis (THH)-58:18

17. Ian Ward (Milo)-60:17

18. Alex Mackula (THH)-65:10


19. Sam Wallington(Milo)- 67:36

20. Nicky Atkins (W45)(K&P)- 68:23

21. David Greenfield (M55)(K&P)- 69:00

22. James Dowen(Milo) – 69:40

23. Bob McDonough(M65) (K&P)-69:53

24. Neil Wood (Milo)- 70:44

25. Jeff Armitage(THH)- 74:08

26. Graham Huntley(M60) (K&P)- 74:42

27. Geoff Reed(M65) (K&P)- 76:48




1) K&P- 3,4,5= 12

2) Milo- 1,6,8= 15

3) THH - 2,16,18=36

There was a good turnout for the Club 9 championship(11 K&P), which took place last Saturday. Some 27 of us braved the- in places- muddy, wet and lengthy course. Frazer Alexander from Milocarians actually won the race, just beating Andy Robinson.

First in for K&P was myself (3rd), followed closely by Mark Reed (4th) and Andy Arbour(5th).Despite being under par following recent illness Michael Huntley ran well finishing 7th,followed closely by Mike Maranzano (9th). Jon Cook, Nicky Atkins, David Greenfield, Bob McDonough, Graham Huntley and Geoff Reed completed the K&P line-up.

My thanks to all who ran, supported, marshalled, officiated and flagged on the day. I look forward to next season!




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