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Thursday, 20 February 2014 18:07

Lloyd Park is always muddy. Saturday 8th February Lloyd Park was extremely muddy – thick, deep and sticky; plus deep puddles of unknown depth. Long spikes were needed but there were also trees roots to be negotiated. All this made the course pretty hair-raising.

Special thanks from team manager Debbie Raymond to Nicky Atkins for twice filling my shoes this season to act up as Team Manager. It is very much appreciated that it can be left in her capable hands. Thanks Nicky.

The seniors raced first. A very heavy rain shower made everything, including all the declaration sheets, wet and without a tent we were all very exposed to the elements.

We were expecting a team of nine seniors and veterans but sadly one was taken ill on the day and two were prevented from even getting to the course by being stuck in flooded Carshalton and had to go home. A team of six started the race. Liz Richardson managed to finish the course but unfortunately got injured while running and Susannah Darby called it a day after the first lap.

In finishing order Layla Thompson (37.53)  13th in division 2, Nicky Atkins (39.28)23rd, Liz Richardson (42.24) 37th, Rosaline Darby (45.37) 53rd and Caroline Jeffcote (55.38) 104th.


The absence of the K&P flag made locating our base rather tricky as all clothing was packed away just in case of another downpour.

We had one u17 Elle Arnfield (20.59) 15th and two u15’s Lucie Fletcher (15.36) 18th and Isabella Busa (19.24) 22nd.

We had another down pour. The u13’s were waiting on the starting line and the heavens opened! They all ran straight into a headwind with driving rain. However when they had finished the sun came out. We had four brave finishers in this race: Annabel Hobday (15.36) 18th, Amelia Bell (16.15) 26th, Imogen Busa (17.27) 37th and Hetty Arnfield (19.17) 44th.

I like to say thank you to all the parents for bringing their daughter(s) on this wet and windy day.

We finished 8th position in this match.


By Nicky Atkins – acting up team manager



Random Photos!

  • Clean pair of heels
  • Dave in the 110H