Ebbisham Final Match – 8th July at Walton Print
Written by Gill B   
Thursday, 12 July 2018 12:38

Extreme weather conditions and heat reigned down on the athletes but with the new stand at the Walton track; gave us all some respite from the glorious sun on what was a glorious day of athletics for our Kingston team.



Sadly, Rory Stratford and Tom Wilson had to withdraw through injury (but nothing serious).  Hoping they’ll be back to training soon. The U15s however, stepped with some rearranging to cover the sprints. 



M3 points

League Championship position

Herne Hill


Herne Hill  1st– 18 points

South London


Kingston & Poly 2nd – 12 points

Kingston & Poly 


South London 3rd – 11 points



Croydon 4th – 9 points

Holland Sports


Holland Sp 5th– 6 points

Sutton & Dist


Sutton & Dis 6th – 3 points


From this table 

, to retain 2ndposition at the end of the season shows how much strength, skill and depth the Kingston boys have in track and field.  They scored, doubled up where possible, consistently in all three matches.  The first match was our best for points; we finished just behind Herne Hill.  But they proved the dominant club in all three matches. 


U11s- Angus Strachan, Nico Clarke and Callum Colraine.

Angus Strachan ran the 2ndfastest 75m & 150mout of 27 boys – 11.3 and 22.2.

Nico ran 11.8 and long jump 2.90m. Callum ran 12.0 and 24.6.  Wonderful to se the boys enjoying the sport and I hope they stay with us as we need them when they are U13s. They will be stronger. Their training with the Kestrels will pay off. 


U13s- Jack Le Vesconte, Finnian Chang, Ned Rose, Alex Cronje, Roel Sodusta, Jacob Landau, Sam Atkins, George Rees.

Jack LV, high jumped 1.40m (Winning height but given 2ndon count back) and even leaving HJ to run the hurdles (Is this a future Bilen Ahmet?) in 14.0 for 4thA. Won in 12. 4 by Herne H.  Finnian was a delightful 2ndB in 16.5. In Tom’s absence, 1styear Alex Cronje moved to A and was our sole 800mathlete. Sensibly wearing a cap, he was 4thA in 2.56.5 (down on his best of 2.44) and threw 14.01 in Javelin for 4thA. Roel was in fine WITH PERSONAL BEST in the sprints; 100m 13.2 and 200m in 27.3 (beating the athlete who pipped him in the 100m) for 3rdA. Jacob moved u to the 200m an although tied with 3rdathlete, was given 4thin 29.4.  (His ns 100m time was the fastest,13.8.) And he’s still an U13 in 2019. Ned was given LJ, HJ and 100m. Fantastic results with 4.28m, 1.35m, and 14.2 (Tying with South London, but he also was given 4thin B.) First in HJ B with a massive BEST of 1.35m. 

Sam in the LJ, who has partnered Ned in every match, did 3.87 2ndB. Then casually ran a brilliant 1500, recording his 2ndfastest time of 5.02.4. Finally, new member, George, threw 12.94m in discus and ran 14.6 ns 100m therefore he earned his relay position. 


U15s- Nico Luckman, Hiren Simmonite, Dhruv Simmonite, Michael Webb-Bourne, Oliver Palmer, Sam Nesbitt, Sebastian Chang, Alfie Westley, Sam Landau, Sam Nesbitt.

Hiren warmed up well in the hurdles and 100m with 13.9 and 12.7 (just outside his best) for the 200m when he smashed his 200m BEST by 1 second to finish in 5thA with 25.6. The 200m was closely contested, exciting to watch and you could hear the sighs around the stadium. His younger brother also cleared HJ BEST for 1.45m for 3rdA. NS in shot in 7.02m. Dhruv stays in this age group. Hiren leaves.  Nico was out for the first time competing in a while. He did LJ a great long jump in 4.60m and was our needed sprinter for the day. Our middle distance due I 800m and 300mof Michael & Oliver gave solid performances; Michael sliced off 0.1 in the 300m with 42.2 4thA, and was 0.1 secs outside his 800m time in 2.25.1. Oliver improved on his 300m time by 2 seconds in 45.7 for 3rdB.  Sam scored LJ B with 3.77m, but vastly improved his javelin, throwing and beating our B athlete, Alfie, b with 25.53m. Alfie still won the JT B with his BEST throw of 24.11m. Sebastian won the JT A with a BEST of 28.87m! This is the only event in U15s where we got maximum points.  Sam Nesbitt a new athlete ran a classic 1500m in the heat to show lots of promise in 4.54.1.


A wonderful Ebbisham Season 2018.  I am going to be the Team Manager for one more year ONLY.  Then I am relinquishing this responsibility.  Therefore, will be looking to parents to take the role over for 2020.  But in the meantime, thank you to all the athletes who have competed this year and to say Ciao to our 2ndyear U15s of Max Dickson, Hiren Simmonite, Sam Landau, Sebastian Chang, Michael Webb-Bourne, Jaami Qureshi.  Great support from all the parents and to Andrew Simonnite who endured 1.5 hours of hot sun at the HJ officiating.    Have a wonderful, summer holiday. See you in 2019.