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Written by Francesca Currie   
Friday, 15 September 2006 13:29
Francesca attended an adidas Training Camp recently and here is her short resume of her experiences.

This summer I went to the adidas athletics camp. As well as doing athletics,I had great fun and met loads of new friends. There were two main groups, which were the sprinters and the endurance group.

The sprinters group was a bit smaller than the endurance, but they had a really funny, nice coach called Stan. He has coached some really successful sprinters before, as had some of the other coaches. In the sprint group they did work on their posture and drills, they also did speed work. They were mainly on the track or around the track.

In the endurance group, which I was in, we had about five or six coaches that we trained with. We did things like interval sessions, recovery runs, continues runs and long runs. The grounds are brilliant as there are lots of woods within the school grounds which were fun when you went for runs with your friends. It was good fun running in new territory.

Both groups did a few sessions together like SAQ work, an aerobic session and stretch session, which was really nice after a day running and you learnt how to stretch properly! We did some lectures too, such as on your heart rate, nutrition and planning and goals. On one of them a famous runner, Mo Farah, who won a 5000m silver medal(European Champs. Ed), was there and we were able to ask him questions and he did a signing after his interview. In the evenings we did something called team challenges which are at the begging of the group; you get put in teams and every night you do a fun activity and the winning team at the end of the week got prizes.

As well as running in your spare time you were able to go swimming; there were two pools,an indoor one and an outdoor. The rooms were very nice with a bed,desk,wardrobe,shelves and a mirror. The ages were 11 to 18 and I would definitely recommend going as I think it improved my fitness and my running and the knowledge of running!




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