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Written by Max Miller   
Wednesday, 12 September 2007 13:48

Since this site is full of turgid results and banal reports,here's a couple more light anecdotes to complement Les's photo captions.


There were these two very old lads driving along in their even older Morris Oxford.......

.....with their heads barely visible above the steering wheel and the dashboard.

They approached a set of lights at a crossroads and the lights changed to red. Much to the passenger's surprise,his companion accelerated.

As they approached a second intersection,exactly the same thing happened;but the passenger gritted his teeth and said nothing.

However,when it happened a third time,the passenger was moved to mention the fact,to which his friend replied - "Oh,am I driving?".




Then there was this old biddy driving at 80mph in the middle lane of the motorway,knitting.

Comes the inevitable siren- "Bee,Baa,Bee,Baa" . The police car draws level and the officer shouts across - " Pull over,pull over". The old biddy looks across and shouts back - "No,actually it's a pair of socks".




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