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Tuesday, 29 July 2008 10:28
This is a very old one,read to my class by a teacher in 1953! There are a number of variations on the theme.

Put simply,the format of a Shaggy Dog Story is a humorous,rambling,long-winded story with an excruciating punchline. The idea being to build up the listener's/reader's interest - and then let them down with a damp squib!

Go to the Wikepedia site,if you want to know about SD stories.

The Rarie

An exotic animal collector finally was able to complete his collection with the acquisition of an juvenile member of a very unusual species called the Rarie. The animal looked like a furry, round ball, with feet on the bottom.

However, the collector did not know much about this creature, especially how much it would grow. And it grew. As the Rarie grew, it ate more and more. And it grew at an alarming rate. The small animal enclosure had to be enlarged, and enlarged, and enlarged. All too soon, the size of the creature was becoming alarming, and the amount of food consumed was straining the collector's budget.

Finally, in a state of desperation, he took the animal in a dump truck to the edge of a gigantic cliff with the idea that he would drop it over the edge.

Just as the collector was getting set to roll the animal out of the truck, the animal popped open an eye and looked at him and asked, "Whatcha gonna do now?" The collector explained how he could no longer afford the upkeep, and that dropping it over the cliff would be a humane way to get rid of such an expensive liability.

The animal looked over the edge and with a tear in its eye, it said, .... "It's a long way to tip a Rarie."



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