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Thursday, 02 April 2009 13:03

How about that there then!


Extract from another website(with acknowledgements)

01/04/2009 Email received "Ive heard that the BBC in an effort to build up a new audience for Modern Athletics have mooted the idea of a new style audience friendly athletics based around more activity taking part in the home straight. They are working on the premise that whoever pays the piper calls the tune .

1.The power sprint of 50m.....from 25m -75m on home straight using the newly produced spring loaded starting blocks. These were developed in order to counteract the possibility of paying somebody like Eugene Bolt 150K to turn up at a meeting and getting disqualified at the start .The preloaded blocks are released simultaneously by the starters gun;this discourages the act of trying to beat the gun .Such a simple idea I cant believe nobody thought of it before

2. The 200m will now be an up and down race ....normal 100m start but up to the finish touch a beep marker and back ....

3 The power shuttle run 0...10...20...30 returning to 0 after each run a total of 120m

4 The 400m will now be in shuttle form 0..10...20...30...40...50...60...70 and back giving 400 m in total

5 The 800m just add another 2 shuttle runs out to 80 and 90m giving 740m which they think is quite enough

On the field events they were quite taken by the Formula I motor racing idea and have decided that in all events the athletes should be awarded 1 point for every 10cm they jump or throw .Your points total for your 3 tries are added together to declare the winner ,they dont see why the person who throws or jumps the longest should be declared the winner .They seem to think that is a bit elitist and the win should go to the person who tries the hardest .

They did concede that there would be a few technical issues to be resolved but had been in contact with the **Its A Knockout Production Team ** whom they believed had the skills and experience to take athletics to a completely new level .

The Chairman had made contact with the agents of a number of prominent athletes and early indications are that if the money is on the table they would be quite happy to lend their names to the event .

The views of the public are being actively sought by the governing body ;please write them on the back of a £20 note and send it to UK Athletics "



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