Southern Vets League M&W R4 Croydon July 5th Print
Written by David Barrington   
Sunday, 11 July 2004 19:31

Given the difficult journey of a midweek evening,the clement weather made the venue more enjoyable than usual. Though we were light on numbers,on the mens side Graham Huntley & Maurice Joyce had a field day scoring heftily,with the former's 3000 Steeplechase M50 win the pick!

Mike May was rewarded for much effort with the team by recording his best 200 of the year and Geoff Reed(2000W) & Bob McDonough(800 & 4x200!!!!) celebrated their return to competition and forthcoming retirement respectively. In the womens match,Nicki Murphy acquired TWO club vets records(1.30 HJ= & 4.59 LJ),Rachel Disley looked sharper than ever taking the 800 in 2.26.1(just outside Brenda Ford's record mark) & Camilla Thrush took both the SP&DT again. Match scores were-Men 4th 88pts & Women 3rd 68 and the final positions saw both teams in 3rd place behind E&E and Croydon. Only the winning team goes to the Final so we look forward to doing just that in 2005.



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