Lily B League R2 Sutton July 10th Print
Written by David Barrington   
Monday, 12 July 2004 12:22

Oh dear!! Having aborted the Southern Mens match at Deangate,it was extremely disappointing to find 5 club officials supporting a mere 5(yes,FIVE!) athletes at Sutton Arena.Once again,the 'kindergarten factor' has clocked in.

Bethany Wilkins' U15 LJ win at 4m34 highlighted, Sarah Atkins looked sharper at U17 100/200(13.4/27.7),Roseanne Mackay also ran 13.4 plus 27.9,Lucy Jones sadly fell when leading the U13 70H but recovered to run 14.3 & 29.8 whilst Amy Trimble picked up good points in the field. We were 4th in the match & are 6th overall,thanks mainly to a number of other teams being equally thin!



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