Hymn and Prayer for Civil Servants Print
Written by The Truth   
Wednesday, 01 July 2009 08:18
With acknowledgements to Evergreen Magazine,and "Forever and Anon",an anthology of verse compiled by Gerry Hanson and published by J.R.Books.

"O,Lord,Grant that this day we come to no decisions,neither run we into any kind of responsibility,but that all our doings may be ordered to establish new departments,for ever and ever. Amen"

"O Thou who seest all things below

Grant that Thy servants may go slow,

That they may study to comply

With regulations till they die.

Teach us,O Lord to reverence

Committees more than common sense;

To train our minds to make no plan

And pass the baby when we can.

So when the tempter seeks to give

Us feelings of initiative,

Or when alone we go too far,

Chastise us with a circular.

Mid war and tumult,fire and storms,

Give strength O Lord,to deal out forms.

Thus may Thy servants ever be

A flock of perfect sheep for Thee."



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