Longest Eclipse of the 21st Century Print
Written by The Future   
Wednesday, 22 July 2009 05:24
This is a current genuine solar phenomenum but here are some interesting thoughts!

With acknowledgements to 'James Montgomery','Longthrow' and the AD Forum.

Longest Solar Eclipse of the 21st Century

"The longest athletics eclipse will begin post London 2012 for UKA or possibly, if all the planets fail to align in time, post Berlin 2009.

A great shadow will pass over the UKA HQ bunker in Solihull,causing panic and bewilderment as they stumble out into the darkness, crying, "it's not our fault, the world has moved on";but the Gods in Citadel UK Sport will not accept their pleas for mercy and more time for 2016,despite their cries and false promises of, " we will succeed because we have a wonderful bunch of your star gazers coming through".

And all about will be desolate for many months with few survivors,but a new race will arise,coming together from within the forest that the former UKA could not see for the trees and a mighty new spirit will pervade the land,leading the young and the talented to fulfil their destiny which the userers in the Solihull black tower were incapable of achieving in their kingdom of the blind."

And a response.

"Brilliant James ..love it

And the coaches and other volunteers will climb out of their protective cocoons,metamorphosing once again into saviours of athletics."



Random Photos!

  • Felix breaks the Surrey record with 70.99m
  • Bet there's no shot putters in this