Club Ranking Lists - The leaders at July 22nd(E&OE) Print
Written by David Barrington   
Thursday, 22 July 2004 14:09

Your current '2004 favourites' are: Women 100/200/100H/HJ/LJ/SP Dominique Blaize 12.44/25.51/15.6/1.75/6.03/11.94i---400H Sarah Harris 70.6---400/800/2000St Rachel Burbridge 61.8/2.18.4/8.01.0---1500/3000 Rachel Disley 4.57.5/10.34.6---5000 Nicky Atkins 21.15.7---Marathon Dawn Wotton 4.48.49---PV Emma Wicks/Dani Ayres 2.10

---Triple Jump Sasha Gordon 11.26---DT/HT/JT Camilla Thrush 32.53/35.77/26.64 and the Men  100/200 Victor Nwagbara 11.16/22.65---400/800 Jamie McCullagh 50.4/1.51.31---1500 Dennis Ojera 4.09.70---5000 Paul Haywood 15.31.5---Marathon Graham Huntley 4.04.54---110H/PV Mark Roberts 15.87/3.60---400H Humphrey Waddington 60.6---3000St Mike Maranzano 9.46.4---HJ/TJ Adam Page 1.80/13.41---LJ James Heptonstall 6.65---SP/DT Nic Owen 15.76/44.85---HT Gareth Cook 56.36---JT Felix Hatton 57.83

The full mens lists to date have replaced the womens on the club noticeboard to-day.



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