October Special - Couldn't Resist it! Print
Written by Anon   
Wednesday, 30 September 2009 13:57
For all you footy fans - with acknowledgements to 606


"Meanwhile Roy Keane has lost the chance to run his own brewery after he failed to organise the opening night party properly.

Besides which, he wants to stay away from the boos at the moment."


This is unfair to Roy. It is quite clear to anyone who understands football that the reason for Ipswich's dismal start to the season is down to:

1. The FAI

2. Mick McCarthy

3. The prawn sandwiches

4. Alf Inge Haaland

5. Jack Charlton

6. The lack of shopping opportunities for the players wives and girlfriends in Ipswich.

7. Insert your own excuse here


Roy Keane walks into a bar with his dog.

The barman says "You can't bring that rottweiler in here"

Roy says "He's a labrador".

The barman says "I was talking to the labrador"


I'll get my coat!



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